City of Compton Mayor Aja Brown Talks About Planet Health Compton

Planet Health Compton is an experiential health and education center located in the heart of Compton, CA. Dedicated to serving the community, PHC’s purpose is to provide a sanctuary to small businesses who promote a healthy way of living and thinking through food, products, and education.

One of the many unique businesses brought by PHC, is the vegan restaurant and cafe, with a plant based menu serving the likes of soul food and traditional latin dishes. Also included at the center is an all-natural juice bar, featuring fresh juices, smoothies and healthy snacks. Furthermore, the center also includes an urban retail store, featuring both known and local urban brands and sneakers, a wellness & beauty shop, and a community center providing educational workshops for the community.

Planet Health Compton believes in repairing and healing our community through the healing and repairing of our bodies and mind. We look forward to having you be part of our PHC family!